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Chellowdeen has been breeding this delightful, versitile dog for over 30 years. We particularly specialise in friendly outoing puppies that will readily fit into your lifestyle.

Our shelties are reared on our farming property in Bargo in the NSW Southern Highlands, south west of Sydney. They are well used to other animals. As well, we have lots of family and visitors, so our puppies have a very social upbringing.

Gwen with Shelties

Why A Sheltie?

Shelties (Shetland Sheep Dogs) are loyal, loving little dogs that quickly become part of your family. They are excellent with young children and the elderly because they are not too boistrous. Shelties get on well with other family pets, are fun-loving, intelligent and easily trained, making them wonderful for obedience, agility and flyball.

Their small size makes shelties suitable for most back yards and ideal house dogs, who do not require large amounts of exercise and are happy to follow you about the house all day.


A few minutes brushing once a week will keep the thick double coat in good order, but for very busy people, a very thorough brushing out the undercoat twice a year, will suffice.